How to Use Voice Filters on Instagram

Did you know yet? Now Instagram filters can’t just change camera effects! But you can change your voice too! Do not believe? Here’s the full review!


Instagram to this day continues to grow, as if it never dies. The times have also encouraged Instagram to continue to innovate. If you are an Instagram social media user, of course you already know a lot of features on Instagram. One of them is a feature on the Instagram camera or what we call Filters .


This filter feature is indeed one of the features that is quite often used by many Instagram users. They take advantage of the filter feature when they upload images or video content into feeds or stories or directly take them through the camera roll .


The more here the more filters appear. There are a lot of new filters with stunning camera effects and they are easy to apply in our respective accounts. As the years have passed, we can also use Instagram filters to filter audio or sound, so it’s not just photos and videos .

If you want to share video content with sound via Instagram but are a little hesitant about the sound you have. You can try using this sound filter . Not only does it make your voice a little more melodious but you can also choose several tones to change your voice to another sound.

Make sure to be able to use the audio filter you have a smooth internet connection. In order not to encounter difficulties when using the audio filter .


1. As usual, open the Instagram camera application that you have. Then swipe right until you find the browse effects menu . After entering the search page, type “voice” .

2. Choose one of the sound filters that appear, as usual you can directly download and save it on the Instagram camera roll . Or you can also tap Try to try the effect. Tap the shutter button in the center to start using the feature.


Every day Instagram is getting cooler. Especially now that there is an audio filter feature , which will be very helpful if we want to create video content with sound on Instagram but are not confident with the sound we have. Well, of course, this article can be a solution for all of you. Good luck!

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