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Hi Friends, welcome to Metro Reads, 

Friends, today we came up with a very good fissures opportunity for you.

If you’re practicing engineering, or if you’re passing a peek on BPA or any commerce graduation, Monday MBA. If you’re passing our MCA, everyone can apply for this role.

Next to Lee it is coming with her, the best career opportunity for you friends.

They’re offering a to opportunity for you friends, our program, as you can see here, freshers engineers and graduate program, there are two opportunities and minimum criteria.

We’ll see everything Friends actually we’ll see everything. Minimum criteria orders and how many people are applied.

We’ll see everything guys. So as you can see, you applied for more than 11 black people that applied for this role.

One 19,000 people joined for the role and 17,000 people deployed. Once we come down.

What are the basic requirements?

All you’ll find is about the Otis dinner ideas about this program, some insects, basically they wanted to hire a very good knowledgeable person for the IT industry as soon as possible with a starting career of yours, with the NCLR.

And once we, and go wherever all these things, I’ll show you the registration option, where you have to register for the programs.

And there are two options: festivals look into officials, engineers.

And once you click on Fisher’s Engineers Friends here, they’ll give you hotel things and what other things are and how much money you’ll need for an internship, everything you’ll get here.

So it’s still the first career program for freshers engineers that there is a, you’ll be, once you see this you’ll come down, program duration will be six months Friends.

Actually it is six month. And the starting salary will be 2.26 Lac per annum. West program fee is 1.59 plus applicable taxes, gas.

These are the things and see a little bit. The criteria is that graduate engineers work at MCA and MSCI.

As I mentioned, everyone can apply for these roles. Friends, if you have two years experience also, that is a best opportunity for you and minimum.

Plus wealth and graduation marks should be 65%.

They are not expecting. Our 10th grade or 10th. The year of graduation, 2017, 18, 19, and 20 Friends are four year of graduation. People can apply for this room.

This is all about, and we’ll see about a selection, price process.

See, first you have to adjust their and online counseling will be there on an aptitude test and all that.

We will be there if you’re a very knowledgeable person, or if you have a good idea to crack the interview, then you will know.

Senator for this role. And the second one is the graduate program.

There’s a, if you’re a graduate or if you’re a purchasing, then it is the best opportunity for you.

Also, they do not mention a salary package and how much you have to give them.

They are not mentioned about everything. So just they’re open with this. Even it can register for this.

So it’s still the first career program for fisheries graduates, prepares them for non-tech and enables job roles for entry level positions.

And they’ll make you Friends do that industry standards, if you’re a fresher or if you’re a new graduate, then they’ll make you to the industry standards. So it can apply for this role.

These are all the things we’ll see.

Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process

There’s eligibility criteria for this is that you do in any science or humanities flames. Heidi or CSE given priority 60% and double marks in class, a 10th, 12th, 60% and airborne graduation Friends, no standing that is Friends they’re expecting when they 12th and your graduation marks and you should not have any standing areas means backlogs and registration process online counseling on the retest cleaning.

We evolved from that interview. These are the things Friends program fee will be 1000 rupees and three months inclusive for two months.

A four-year-old classroom in a classroom training will be there. Hundred, one month professional practice down at Excel technologies.

For the desk program, your eligibility is 50% because if you’re looking for a desk program, opportunity means if you’re looking for a desk role, then you will get this opportunity.

Eligibility character is at 50% and double marks in 12 and 55 in graduation. No, backlogs and Eugene, any science, humanities, swims, or CSC. this one, this is all about Friends.

And if you’re looking for enabling roles of HR, ESC, or FSS or PPO programs, These are the things that are the things and the selection criteria.

Once you feel this job is for you can click on apply. Now, once you click on apply now, usually redirect to a new place. Very simple application Friends, as you can see here, once you enter your name here, once you enter everything.

Email address, mobile number, select your state. And then, I’ll show you Friends everything Seattle. So once you’re done with the things and email address, everything you enter and select the program, which one you want here, freshers engineer.

So register, they will call you for counseling. This is all about the Excel careers. see, you will get the ODB for your mobile. And fill the application form online and submit the application.

Once you’re done with everything, you’ll be getting a call from the company that you have successfully applied for this role.

And for a further round, they will contact you as soon as possible. This is all about the job.

If your Friends uploaded the video, please send it to her friends so that They can also apply for this role.

This is all about the job.

Hope you Friends enjoyed this post, please comment and share it with everyone.

Thank you!

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