Car AC Maintenance Checklist – A Complete Guide to Keep Your Car Alive!

The summer season has just begun, screaming for a long weekend drive or a vacation.

A lot of people have already packed their luggage for a hill station. But considering the scorching heat of an Indian summer, a road trip without an AC in your car is indeed a ruined trip.

Voyagers, worry not. Here’s the ultimate car AC maintenance checklist for you to keep your AC in its best health. 

Does a Car AC Need Maintenance Too? 

Keeping in mind the extreme tropical summers that India experiences, regular Car AC Maintenance is very important.

And to survive on a holiday without an AC, that too inside a car, is no less than surviving in hellfire.

On average, a Car AC leaks 10% of the air-conditioning gases in the system. 

Leaks are almost impossible to trace for an amateur, but with this car AC maintenance checklist, there’s nothing difficult.

How Do I Know If My Car AC Needs Servicing?

Look for the following red flags to know that your Car AC needs servicing :

  • First and foremost is to ensure if the AC is fulfilling its purpose i.e. cooling the car.  
  • Check the cabin air filter to make sure that it is not clogged.
  • Look for restrictions such as threads, leaves, dirt that would keep air from passing over a condenser.
  • Listen for bizarre or vibrating sounds.
  • Check for any fluid leaks.
  • Check for immobility of the compressor clutch.

Apart from these signs, a Car AC should be taken for service every 2 years, for better functioning.

However, keeping the Car AC serviced will provide you with a consistently cool performance for many years ahead.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Car AC Done? 

There are certain factors on which the cost of servicing is dependent:

  • The car’s manufacturer
  • Warranty period, if any
  • Model of the car you’re using
  • The repair shop or showroom’s service charge
  • Spare parts availability
  • The root problem with the AC

Apart from this, the severity of the problem and car’s condition plays a vital role.

If you own a limited edition model, it is advised to be taken to its manufacturer’s showroom.

For a regular car, you can look for local shops as they can be inexpensive and time-effective.

How Can I Maintain My Car AC At Home?

While the showroom and local shop option is super effective for severe problems, regular servicing and maintenance can be done at home, with zero effort.

Here are a few tips and tricks for home Car AC Maintenance :

  • windows for a while and let your car breathe.
  • Go easy on your AC compressors.
  • Lubrication can do wonders for your AC. The AC compressor, pipelines, and drive belts should be kept well lubricated to prevent any AC’s malfunctioning.
  • Clean the AC pipelines at least once a week as it will help in maintenance as well as would help you discover leaks, if any.
  • Keep an eye for overheated engine radiators.

The maintenance of a car AC is pretty simple.

  • Keep the car AC filters clean as they are the root cause of most of the AC issues.
  • Just as humans, the inanimate machines do love hygiene. Keep your car clean and dust-free.
  • Always perform AC functions carefully.
  • Do not let hot air get trapped after a hot sunny day. Open the Keeping a note of these tips along with regular maintenance can do magic to its shelf life. 

Products That Can Be Used To Get Better At-home Services. 

There are ample products and brands available in the market when it comes to Car AC Maintenance.

But are they actually effective?

Except for a few sophisticated products and highly skilled usage requirements, most of the products are easily available and highly effective.

While you don’t necessarily need all of them, these products will only increase the lifetime of the car and the AC.

Some of the products are listed below:

  • Several car care kits are available in the market and e-commerce sites ranging as little as INR 1000 to as high as your love for your car can go.
  • Air Conditioner foam cleaner and AC duct cleaner foam
  • Auto Mate is perfect for deep cleaning of ducts, pipelines and formulated specially to get rid of that bad odour and to flush the dirt away.
  • AC vent cleaners.


So, here was the only car AC maintenance checklist you needed.

You must always look for red flags and do not try to resolve the issues yourselves unless it’s an emergency.

Finally, keep in mind that your vehicle’s air-conditioning needs regassing every two years. 

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Hope you find this article insightful. Thank you for reading till the end.

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