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Hi guys, welcome to the Metro Reads! today we came up with a very good facilitator of opportunity from Atos career.

Nice is also one after very good company to start a career. today, they are offering absolutely a franchise that is a trainee road. And guys for this role, you would know if you are studying BCA.

Or BAC, then you will get 2.1 lakh per annum. And if you’re studying MSA or MTA, then you will get 2.5 LPA per annum. If you study B or BTech, you will get a 3.5 LPA year.

They mentioned three categories after academic records and guys, another thing is that.

Who can apply?

You should have a minimum of 60% aggregate to your that so that you can apply for this role.

And another criteria is that you should, like, if you have any backlog previously, they’re not allowed to do this.

And another is that if you have any gap between your education, There is an allowance for this only one year gap between Delta like PUC or 12th standard to degree guys.

These are some of the requirements or main requirements. And we’ll see what other descriptions and out top left for this role.

We’ll see everything guys.

Once you see this come down. As I mentioned, the role is a trainee role, and the job location will be only guys, opponents, China locations.

It is one of the best opportunities. This is a mega drive.

When I am in my location, candidates need to be flexible to work in any of the locations, where out artists present in India, guys, you should be ready to work anywhere in the NBA.

If Attos or keeps you in general should be ready to work in Jeanette.

And guys, the application is very simple. We will teach you everything.

Please read the post till the end, so that you will get to know other things. And roles and responsibilities here.

As you can see here, the roles and responsibilities of these job candidates will be working in the field of infrastructure and data management.

Guys you’ll be working in the field of infrastructure and data management candidates will be working.

Areas will be, you’ll be working with these areas. One is networking. Another one is the database. Another one is cloud services. And otherwise is a windows or operating system on digital works or place and other it infrastructure technologies, guys, many of them have studied in their bachelor’s degree in competence, networking and databases. Also my SQL, these things and cloud services.

Also, they would have studied if I studied MC or BCA, it would have got a subject as a cloud competing.

So I would have studied there and the Windows operating system. Everyone uses these windows or operating systems.

Digital workspace and that these are the things they’re expecting and we’ll go, 

What are the requirements to apply for this role?

We’ll see everything guys, as you can see here. So CTC, as I mentioned before, only before starting the video, see you guys.

First one, CTC, two years service agreement. We’ll be there guys.

Friends, you should be ready to do the agreement for two years. And if you are okay with this, then you will be eligible. Be B tech 3.1 LP. As I mentioned, be BTech 3.1 LPA guys.

three LPA and for the MSCI or MTA 2.5 LP, as you can see here, guys, these are the six, uh, education criteria.

Like if you are studying BRB, take BC or BCA, MSCI, or MCL, These are the eligibility criteria. Education petty records and education eligibility criteria is that guys, if you’re a C 2020 passing student from it, our CSC electronics and communications, electronics, and telecommunication, electronics, and instrumentation can apply for this role.

Guys, these are the goals. Because people are eligible for this. No active backlog should be there.

Guess, as I mentioned before, really should not have any active backlog guys and can’t relate.

So to have a minimum 60% aggregate means if you in your college, if the calculator CGPA, then you should have 6.5 CGPs.

And another thing is that only one year gap is allowed between 12, the graduation, any other D and gap is not allowed.

As I mentioned, if you’re serious, as I mentioned, if you have any gap between your education, then it should be only between 12 graduation,

only one year and only Indian nationals can apply for this role. And guys, once you’re done with these things, you can click on apply and you’ll be a reader to the new page. fast Curry at account year.

You have to log in with your first grade accord. If you don’t have an account, you can create one account.

And once you’re done with everything, you’ll be getting a message from the company that you’re successfully applied for this role.

And if you profile that company’s environment, then they will contact you as soon as possible.

This is all about the job guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, please comment and share with everyone.

Thank you!

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